Zasada: A Documentary on the Legendary Polish Rally Driver


Zasada is a documentary film that chronicles the journey of Sobieslaw Zasada, a 91-year-old Polish rally driver, as he attempts to break the Guinness World Record for the oldest rally driver by participating in the Safari Rally in Kenya. After a long hiatus from professional driving, Zasada discovers not only how much the sport has changed but also how he himself has evolved. The film also touches upon the relationship Zasada shares with his wife, with whom he formed a sports duo.


The film has been awarded Best Director to Michael Bolland and Best Photography to Karol Lakomiec and Marcin Morawicki.


Zasada is an inspiring and heartwarming documentary that provides a glimpse into the life of Sobieslaw Zasada, a Polish rally driver who has made a name for himself in the world of motorsports. The film is a testament to Zasada’s unwavering passion for racing, even at the age of 91.

The documentary captures Zasada’s journey as he prepares for the Safari Rally in Kenya, one of the most challenging car rallies in the world. The film crew accompanies Zasada during his preparations and during the race, capturing picturesque images of Kenyan nature that are intertwined with dynamic shots from inside the car. The noisy cheering of fans on the roadsides is mixed with instructions shouted by the pilot, adding to the excitement of the rally.

The film also sheds light on the relationship Zasada shares with his wife, who has been a constant source of support throughout his racing career. This adds an emotional dimension to the documentary and makes it more relatable to the audience.

Overall, Zasada is a well-made documentary that celebrates the indomitable spirit of a legendary rally driver. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves motorsports and for those who believe that age is just a number.

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